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Laurie is a Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller - Sex & Happiness. Through her company Butterfly Workshops, she offers sexual health and awareness courses plus leadership courses for corporations and individuals throughout the world. For over a decade, she has hosted a weekly radio show “Sex and Happiness” where she discusses all topics about sex. She has also produced and starred in three independent films; The Big T: Testosterone (2017), Beyond Dinner (2012), Tantric Tourists (2009).

Her current focus is on Sexual Ecstasy at Any Age. Laurie spends a significant amount of her time learning about Radical Life Extension and how extending life is intimately connected to healthy and loving sexual expression. 

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“I felt more in touch with the goddess I am than ever before. There was no “mask” to hide who I truly am. I saw my beauty and shared it with the world. I now understand and own my power, brilliance and Love.”



“You are incredibly powerful and an incredible coach. Your program was way beyond my personal expectations. As I look back on the experience, you masterfully led many disconnected human beings into a much higher level of enlightenment (personal evolvement) for themselves – a feat highly commendable! You brought us beyond what we each individually needed! So I thank you myself and on behalf of those spirit guides/angels who are so appreciative of your work on earth. You really are quite incredible!”