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I have been embarking down the path of yoga for the past five years. Desiring to maintain my physical health, as a dancer for most of my life, I turned to yoga.  Little did I know that the path of yoga would provide so much more then physical health.  Intrigued by the spiritual and mental growth I was gaining, I decided to become an instructor myself.   Studying the styles of Asthanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Acro-yoga and restorative.  Each form offering its own unique style, weather it be physical strength, deep stretching or practicing with partners.   Taking my love for yoga and travel I began to teach all around the world. 

Teaching in studios, hostels, parks, and in homeless shelters. I offer my learning’s to others to help guide them into alignment with their truest self.  Using movement, physical strength, breath, sound and meditation.  Calming the mind so that the spirit and body can work harmoniously in the intention to create full alignment within.  The course that I offer focuses on creating awareness of ones own body and spirit, feeling the connection to the physical and spiritual world around us.  Using movements that feel good, within your body, and allows for physical and spiritual growth to happen.  Silencing the mind through meditation and breath to create more room for alignment and growth.

Hope has been practicing yoga for five years and dance for most of her life.  She enjoys traveling and teaching yoga around the world.  Learning different styles of yoga and spirituality everywhere that she goes.  She believes in connecting not only within herself but also with the world around her.  Spending much of her time out in nature, hiking, camping, and meditating to create a stronger connection to the natural beauty that surrounds us. She shares her heart and knowledge with everyone. Knowing that by helping to guide others she is helping the world become a more peaceful, connected, and accepting place to be.  

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