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We organized vacation packages and inviting your instructors as the tour leader and instructors to explore the beauty, history, and culture of Latin America, Far East and Europe while experiencing Yoga & Tantra sessions personalized for small, intimate groups, to some of the most fascinating sights, sounds, and locations together with you. You are new to retreats and have no instructors. But wishing to join our tours, No worries we have many. go ahead and check out Meet Our Instructors section.

Enjoy your Retreats in Nature

Enjoy the fascinating places while you are vacationing!!! Our programs designed to enjoy retreats at mother nature. Weather permitting and whenever possible, Yoga & Tantra group sessions will be held outdoors in the arms of Mother Nature, during the rising and setting sun; alongside lakes, rivers, beaches, and mountainsides. Alternatively, group sessions will be held indoors at spaces provided by each hotel.

Meet Our Instructors

Crystal Dawn Morris
Master of : Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative
Language : English
Frank Mondeose Anderson
Master of : Tantra
Language : English,french
Laurie Handlers
Master of : Tantra
Language : English
Diana Owens
Master of : Tantra
Language : English
Are you an Studio Owner or Instructor ?

Are you an Studio Owner or Instructor ?

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Famous Instructors

Our retreats leads by worldwide famous instructors

Great Locations

We have selected unique locations to for great journey of your inner and outer beauty

Local Knowledge

Our local hotel and service provider partners waiting your arrival to show their hospitality

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