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My studies of Tantra began in the early 1990’s with Neo-Tantra practices of engaging with sexual-union energy and expanded states of consciousness.  Soon after, I was guided to study with a Swami whose teachings embody the esoteric Tantra traditions of India. Ancient and Neo-Tantra practices are a means towards purification, healing, and enlightenment and I knew I had finally found the spiritual path of my dreams.  Decades of training and using these methods gives me a foundation to share, explore, and play with energy dynamics.

My interests are eclectic, and my credentials are varied: I have raised four children, lived in remote forests and urban jungles, and am an internationally published photographer.  My qualifications include; Ordained Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Doula, Tantra Educator, and Healer.  Most recently, I completed a 3-year spiritual process that culminated in a journey to India, Nepal, and a trek to holy Lake Mansarovar and Mt Kailash in the China/Tibetan Himalayas.

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